Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Further bacon robbers

Dear Black Farmer,

I have been a fan of your bacon and sausages for a long time. They make breakfast beautiful. But I'm afraid there has been a bacon sin committed recently. I have been robbed! On opening my latest packet of beautiful pink smoked bacon, I almost fell off my breakfast stool. Someone had stolen the ends of the rashers! They were missing! It broke my breakfast heart to see the bacon had been snipped, removing that lovely crispy last bite. A bacon travesty!

What has happened to the ends of the rashers? Is there any possibility I can have them back? They would have been nice crumbled into a bacon carbonara. With those little bits, my breakfast bacon butties would have been truly complete!

With bacony regards,


Verdict: I received a lovely letter this morning from The Black Farmer, they have obviously taken it seriously. There was also a small cheque which I will spend on their sausages. I'm still going to continue buying Black Farmer meat - their sausages are second only to our local village ones. They do a great corn-fed chicken too. 

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