Thursday, 2 February 2012

That's not my monkey!

Usborne do a great set of touchy-feely books for toddlers and babies that my twin boys are completely captivated by. There's lots in the range including "That's not my donkey" and the classic "That's not my robot". After many hours spent with my boys reading these, I started thinking about new titles that Usborne could bring out. I hope they like my suggestion!

Hi there,
My twin boys absolutely love your "that's not my..." touchy feely books. I wondered if you might consider bringing out some new ones for the parents. Maybe along the lines of
That's not my husband - his back is too hairy.
That's not my husband - his head is too shiny.
That's my husband! His belly is so squishy!

Kind regards,
Sally Smith

I left my ruder suggestions out of the email. I'm just hoping the marketing staff have a sense of humour!

Result: Didn't hear a dicky-bird from Usborne. They're clearly far too busy to reply to lowly book-buyers.